Modern Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry rooms are shamefully overlooked spaces. Many times they share a purpose with a mudroom, a hallway closet or even the kitchen. With the piles of clothes and laundry essentials, it’s easy to let this space fall by the wayside of decorating your home. However, if your laundry room is a pleasant space to be in, won’t you enjoy doing laundry more? Keeping that in mind, wall art is a good place to start due to options and affordability. Also, it’s the perfect decorating solution for small spaces. Take a look at these 10 ideas for laundry room wall decor that will help you enjoy this daily chore.

These signs are everywhere nowadays. Reminiscent of an older age, they bring a fun element to any laundry room. Whether your laundry sign is simple or full of words, you’ll enjoy the bold statement it makes.

If you really want to go vintage, look for a vintage poster next time you’re out thrifting. It’s statement art on a budget that will cover a large space and bring some character to your laundry room.

For the practical decorator, wall decor doesn’t have to be in the form of a picture or poster. Hang a clock that reflects the style of the rest of your home and you’ll have some decor that’s both beautiful and practical.

Frilly decor isn’t a bad thing, especially in a space that’s mostly practical. Find some favorite prints or even printables online, frame them and hang them in that empty laundry room corner that just needs a little something.

There are so many aspects to laundry care. Using some wall space to display some laundry charts in your laundry room will help you decorate and better care for your clothes. That’s a win for everyone involved.

Modern art isn’t only for the dining room. Do you have a favorite piece that your love but your significant other isn’t so wild about? Hang it in your laundry room where you will see it often but most likely won’t bother your SO.

When you need wall art on a budget, you have to get creative with it. Look for some wallpaper samples or wrapping paper patterns that will make your heart flutter. Then frame them up for your laundry room.

Are you the primary laundry caretaker for your family? Hang photos of them in your laundry room to remind you who you’re caring for and motivate you to do the best you can for those precious faces.

So many times we do our house chores when we’d rather be someplace else. If you have photos from your travels, unprinted or unframed, take this opportunity to display them. Yes, even in the laundry room they’ll help you daydream about all the good times you’ve had instead of where you’d rather be.

Sometimes the things that inspire us aren’t matching at all. Since your laundry room isn’t usually on display for all your guests to see, feel free to create a gallery wall that you won’t mind looking at while you wash and fold. Then it won’t matter what your colors or photos are.

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